Vision Spotlight


Why Eyes?

They say eyes are the window to the soul and sadly approximately 80% of all vision impairment globally is considered avoidable (World Health Organisation) or could be treated or cured by known, cost effective means.

The burden of vision impairment affects negatively on individuals quality of life, social wellbeing, and can affect their confidence, dignity, independence and respect.  In developing countries in particular, it can deprive individuals of an education and other opportunities making it harder to escape poverty.  Whole families are affected as often a child has to stay home from school to care for the family member.

The gift of sight can make a huge difference in people’s lives allowing them to live a full and rewarding life.


Organisations supported


Access to high quality low cost eye vision care. Distributed over 8.7 million pairs of eyeglasses and generated  US$1.8bn in Economic Impact.  Eyeglasses dramatically improve productivity and quality of life for the poor, not only for the wearer but also for their families. Funded since 2010.


Providing resources and skills to help communities find their own solutions to the problems of poverty.   PIF is a long time supporter of the Rose Charity Eye hospital in Cambodia providing low cost or free cataract and sight restoration surgery and outreach clinics.  Funded since 2008.


Helping identify and treat New Zealand children with eyesight problems to reduce the barrier to better eyesight and better education.   Buy one pair, give one pair free model.  


Restoring sight, training doctors and nurses, strengthening health systems, driving innovation and research.