Systemic initiatives – supporting the bringing together of small teams to collaborate on potential solutions for some of the most challenging issues we face

A collaborative discussion paper to identify a set of opportunities and actions that if advanced could help New Zealand shift towards
a future of sustainable protection and production that addresses the urgent risks of climate change and loss of biodiversity.


Creating housing that puts people and the planet first.  A co-created, living and evolving vision document developed in response to unprecedented levels of concern about the housing ecosystem in Aotearoa.

It encourages the cocreation of a strategic way forward, and creates the conditions for transparent dialogue.

Non-Partisan Covid-19 Recovery Framework discussion paper to Build Back Better from Recovery to Resilience.  Looking to optimise positive outcomes for longer term recovery and minimise unintended consequences of NZ’s Covid-19 response.

            Some of the other initiatives supported 

An educational farm based environment to learn about human wellbeing, healthy kai, Mātauranga  Māori, native forests, and colloborative leadership.  They donate kai from their orchards and gardens to community groups, grow native plants for local planting, and provide ecological services.

A gender-lens, impact investing instrument listed on a stock exchange to empower underserved (low-income, rural, financially excluded) women to transition from subsistence to sustainable livelihoods.

Providing unsecured loans and ongoing business training to women to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.  Funds are used to grow micro-businesses, finance home improvements and for children’s education.  Savings and insurance plans are also offered.  Funded since 2010.

Working to protect and save precious habitat for critically endangered species, orangutan care centres, rehabilitation and release programs whilst providing employment for locals

Providing quality education to children in most need from Kindergarten to High School.  They provide them with uniforms, supplies, a daily meal and access to health care at no cost to the child or family.

Resources to inspire young entrepreneurs to discover their potential in business and in life 

Start-up and kaupapa driven enterprise capability building services to help great ideas take off, grow and scale